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RCM Simplified

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Per Task

You simply pay for the service we provide. There are no hidden service fees or retainers. Billing is transparent and you always receive value for your money.


Your practice needs a relationship that integrates with your business. That’s what we are. There are no mandatory changes that you must do. We are platform-agnostic. We simply blend-in and deliver as your business keeps growing. You have real-time support from our staff who are amongst the best in industry. So you have no hassle in the changeover or going forward.


Quality is an over-used word, but nevertheless defines what we do. On-time delivery defines our promise. So that you just go on and concentrate on your practice. We are HIPAA compliant. It’s all about clinical precision.


Pro-active consulting is what we live by. It’s not just about supporting your back end but proactively understanding changes that take place in the market and help you shape your business and stay in the forefront of compliance and security


How often do you look at the following areas in your revenue cycle?

Your production and reimbursement ratio - are you collecting ALL the revenue you should?

Your coding - are you coding ACCURATELY?

Your A/R – are you appealing EVERY denial in a timely manner?